Guide to Food Packaging Materials for Restaurants

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Sep 29, 2022 2:15:00 PM

Nothing is worse than discovering your takeout food has gone cold, or worse, stained the carpet on the car floor because of its inadequate packaging material.

In the restaurant business, there are many materials to choose from for food packaging, but deciding on the best is not always easy. If you are new to the restaurant business or in the market for alternative food packaging, one of the most important things to consider is the material.

Let us consider four common types of materials to choose from: Foam, foil, paper and plastic.

Foam Containers

Foam is durable and lightweight. Foam containers are a good option for keeping cold food cold and warm food hot. However, foam containers are not microwave friendly, so they should not be used for reheating food.

Foil Takeout Containers

Foil restaurant packaging is ideal for oily foods since foil repels oil. While foil is like foam in that it cannot be reheated in the microwave, it is oven friendly.

Paper Food Containers

Paper food containers are an exceptionally good recyclable packaging option. They are versatile and collapsible, which means they take up less space than other containers.

The downside to paper food containers is that they are not as durable as other food packaging materials and can handle less weight. However, paper food containers are safe for use in the microwave. If you choose this option, be sure to pick a paper container that has a grease-resistant coating, or the container may leak.

Plastic Food Containers

Plastic food containers are a durable choice for a wide variety of foods. Plastic containers add to the presentation by allowing customers to clearly see the food before eating it. Furthermore, plastic is both freezer and microwave safe. However, plastic containers are the least environmentally friendly and are also a more expensive option for takeout containers.

Best Packaging for Food and Restaurants

With so many options, you may still be wondering what the best food packaging choice is for your business. Considering the needs of your business will help you make this decision.

Does your restaurant specialize in pretty desserts? If so, plastic food packaging would allow customers to enjoy the food display before they consume it.

Is sustainability important? Then recyclable food packaging such as cardboard or paper would be ideal.

Is your restaurant known for its substantial portions? If so, your customers would appreciate containers that allow them to easily reheat their leftovers. Restaurant packaging that can be reheated in the microwave or frozen such as plastic would be a desirable choice.

Another thing to consider is which material works well for branding, if you want to include a logo or message on the packaging. Not every material is ideal for branded packaging. Keep in mind, you may use an additional label with the company information on it.

GO2 Partners Restaurant Services 

We know making decisions regarding your restaurant, including which food packaging to use, is not easy.

GO2 Partners has the technology, expertise, resources, and experience to provide you with exceptional custom restaurant packaging and help your food business thrive. Our strategies and managed services are tailored to your specific needs, helping you engage with your customers and employees, boosting your bottom line and giving your chain a competitive advantage.

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