Streamlined Solutions for Your Complex Restaurant Challenges

Success in the restaurant and food service industry isn't easy. 

You can have experienced managers, dedicated staff and the best food in the market, but success requires more than that. Enterprise and franchise restaurant businesses are complex operations that require supply chain expertise, end-to-end marketing services on both the local and national level, internal communications, a technology and data strategy, brand management, and so much more. 

Many businesses have the resources and expertise to succeed in one area, but struggle in others. 

GO2 Partners: Delivering Results for Restaurants

GO2 Partners is a full-service marketing and supply chain execution company that excels at taking the pain out of complex business support programs. Experience, expertise, resources and insight bring these programs to life for our customers. GO2 works with many successful industry-leading enterprise businesses. Our services target and solve complex challenges so the company can focus on their core business. It's a process with proven success, and it's why we're confident we can deliver results for you. 

Whether you need a local marketing program, brand consistency, supply chain coverage for hard-to-find items, or support for new business openings, GO2 Partners has the technology, expertise, resources and experience to make it happen and keep your company running efficiently. Our strategies and managed services are tailored to your specific needs, helping you engage with your customers and employees, boosting your bottom line and giving your chain a competitive advantage. 

A Managed Services Program for Enterprise and Franchise Restaurants

GO2’s Restaurant Services program targets specific pain points for restaurants. Here’s how we can help you.

Through a single unified platform, GO2 Partners removes the need for multiple inputs and outputs to get the products and services you need faster. Removing multiple lines also removes the increased risk of one failing.

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Brand Management

We can provide everything franchisees need to succeed while working within the corporate brand framework. Portals allow franchisees to order approved promotional and marketing items while leveraging the economies of scale to limit costs. Customized Local Store Marketing (LSM), Limited Time Offers (LTO) and new store opening programs will help increase sales and awareness by delivering targeted, on-brand marketing solutions.

Global Supply Chain Solutions

Whether you need help targeting specific items or support and management for an entire program, GO2’s experts can handle it. Our industry experience and long-standing supplier relationships will address your cost-reduction goals, support bottom-line growth, and ensure locations have everything they need to succeed.

Apparel Advantage

Customize a program designed to continually meet your uniform and apparel needs, including manufacturing, fabric, design, ordering and distribution. We handle sourcing, fulfillment, customization and more using consolidated services that take the pressure off your team. Ordering is easy from a specially designed storefront, providing you quality apparel and fast delivery.

Branded Merchandise

From advertising specialty items, merchandising and point of purchase displays, to print, kitting and fulfillment, GO2 provides a complete solution. Our cohesive, customized approach to promotion and brand merchandising will help you develop and execute effective tactics, then measure success to further optimize.

Email Marketing

Email marketing offers one of the highest conversion rates of all digital marketing methods. Let us help you develop a strong relationship with your customers and prospects through strategic email campaigns.

Targeted Paid Advertising

Our team can manage search, display, video, mobile and social ad campaigns, allowing you to reach your customers where they are and when they are searching for your restaurants. And with advanced analytics, we’ll have the insights we need to continuously improve our approach.

Franchise Portal Management

From a web-based platform, regional or corporate offices can quickly evaluate and assess FOH (Front of House) and BOH (Back of House) standards, as well as brand standards. Collaboratively work with the team to address and overcome challenges to increase overall success and empower the brand.

B2B Ecommerce Solutions

With our cloud-based Empower ecommerce program, you build a customized and easily managed B2B storefront. We make it easy for your clients to buy from you, providing you the power and control you need. Local store marketing, uniforms, inventory, company and franchisee pay, and more can all be managed and tracked using powerful reporting and analytic tools.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t simply stay on top of your social media — maximize its potential and deliver on business goals. Reach out and engage with your target audience. Create positive experiences and engagement with your audience to build excitement and elicit more visits. Work with our expert team to take advantage of all that social media can do for your brand.

Reputation Management

Do you know what’s being said about your brand? Social listening makes it possible. GO2 can help you keep up with the conversation and ensure that you stay in control of your brand’s reputation. Respond and address complaints to promote positive brand identity, influence interactions and gauge public perception as you plan future promotions.

Search Engine Optimization

With Google’s ever-evolving algorithms, optimizing your web pages for organic search placement requires constant research, maintenance and technical expertise. Our team can evaluate your site and make recommendations, or complete the work for you. Stay a step ahead of the market with an SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals.

A Tailored Solution for Restaurants

Having implemented programs like this before, seamlessly supporting internal teams while filling in the gaps and addressing challenges where needed, GO2 understands what it takes to successfully deliver results.

That starts with a phased approach to implementation. Key stakeholders will be aligned on project goals, and then a thorough assessment is completed to understand and refine those goals, identify opportunities, and address threats. Once complete, we work with you to develop and implement a strategy.

Data-Driven Optimization for Enterprise and Franchise Restaurants

At the heart of GO2’s work is technology and data analytics.

By leveraging technology and analytics, we create efficiencies through the strategic deployment of technical solutions. Once implemented, that data empowers optimizations. By collecting and utilizing data, GO2 drives actionable results for our customers.

Integration, automation and analysis give you visibility, insight and ultimately a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Getting Started

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