Asset Tracking Systems and Material ID for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, you need accurate, real-time information to optimize production and efficiency. Don’t rely on guesswork. With GO2’s RFID, label and tagging solutions designed around your requirements and needs, you’ll have reliable asset tracking and material identification. No matter the challenge, with GO2’s expertise and the latest technology, you’ll have the information, efficiency and visibility you need.
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Data, Not Guesswork, for Material Chain of Custody

Tracking Solutions-Dependable
Dependable tracking

In manufacturing, working blind means making decisions based on guesswork rather than data. Mistakes happen, and inefficiency is the result. With GO2 Partners’ customized material chain of custody solutions, you’ll work with our specialists to develop dependable, consistent labeling and tagging.

Tracking Solutions-Extreme Conditions
Extreme conditions

From ultra-fast distribution centers to the extreme heat and harsh chemical exposure in a steel mill, we identify your unique needs so we can craft the optimal combination of material, adhesive, ink and equipment to deliver a customized solution. You’ll have the data, visibility and control you need for optimized production.

Sustainable solutions

GO2’s experience in manufacturing, insight into the latest technology, and relationships with the leading suppliers mean a better solution focused on addressing your needs. No matter the challenge, the goal is a quick, reliable and sustainable solution that delivers long-term production benefits and a rapid ROI.

Label and tag applications

Dependability and performance are critical to success in manufacturing. By leveraging specialized labeling and tagging technologies and capabilities, our solutions deliver for the most demanding requirements, including industrial, chemical, high temp, steel, aluminum, and extreme environments. By focusing on your processes, reliability is never a problem.

Dependable labels

Asset tracking and software

Don’t limit your options. GO2 provides a full range of media solutions, system solutions, and hardware options from the industry's top manufacturers Zebra, Honeywell, Alien and Sato.

RFID Applications
Tracking Solutions

RFID applications

Automate with the latest RFID solutions to increase efficiency and eliminate errors. Get the real story on operations for accurate shipping estimates, real-time inventory tracking and control, production visibility, and up-to-date Work-in-Progress (WIP) reporting.

Chain-of-custody strategies

Eliminate gaps in your production visibility with durable, dependable asset-tracking solutions that create a complete manufacturing record of the material or product as it moves through every step of production.

Tracking Solutions-Chain of Custody

Customized tracking solutions

Every production process is unique. Let us customize a solution for you. Work with our team of experts to develop an in-depth understanding of possible strategies focused on your processes, then implement solutions that improve efficiency and long-term profitability.

Eliminate Inefficiency Leadership tracking
Supply Chain

Eliminate inefficiency sustainably

Get control of production. You know mistakes are unsustainable in this age of shorter production times and tighter margins. Work with GO2 to identify every opportunity for improvement, whether missing or unreadable labels, misshipments or missing products, bad data or process inefficiencies.

Access to Resources and Expertise

When you work with GO2, you get access to more than just our tracking experts. We act as a one-stop shop that can assist you with any challenge your business is facing.

Launch Your Manufacturing Tracking Solution Today

Don’t wait to solve your material chain of custody challenges. Contact GO2 for a consultation. Work with us to understand your processes and determine your requirements. The goal is always the best possible solution — customized around your needs.

Asset Tracking for Steel Coils and production visibility

Customer Success Stories

See how GO2 worked on an asset tracking solution for a metal manufacturer that has saved the company more than $4 million.

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