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The latest data shows how high the cost of fraudulent documents can be. According to estimates, coupon fraud costs $300 million to $600 million yearly. What does it cost your business? GO2 Partners’ Secure Documents program utilizes the latest technology to prevent duplication. You work with our experts to select the best solution for your needs. Then, we work with authorized printers to get the materials quickly and to your specifications. Save time, frustration and money with GO2.
Secure documents

Fight Fraud and Protect Customers with Secure Documents

Avoid fraud

You know how costly fraud can be. An innovative marketing campaign can be undermined, and money is lost to duplicate coupons. You lose customer trust when they receive a fake document with bad information. 

Print technologies

GO2 Partners’ Secure Document services provide you with weapons for the war against fraud. Because we connect you with industry leaders in secure documents, you have access to the latest print technologies to prevent duplicate and fraudulent coupons.

Build trust

Build trust with customers by using papers and documents that thwart copying. Work with our team to design the documents, providing all the protection you need or want at a price that works.

Void pantograph documents

A powerful tool in security printing, void pantographs use tamper-resistant patterns, typically invisible, in the background of a document. When the document is photocopied, an indicator message from the pattern, such as “void,” is revealed, preventing use. This security feature is available on a variety of products including transcript paper, coupons, tear pads, flyers and postcards.

Person filling out a void pantograph document

Security holograms

Make a statement with your document security using security holograms. Our secure coupons feature the CIC (Coupon Information Corporation) hologram, a unique foil design that lets counterfeiters know you take fraud seriously. The CIC hologram sends a powerful message and makes coupons extremely difficult to copy or counterfeit. Our hologram coupons are some of the most secure, combining both the CIC hologram and anti-copy security stock. For more information and to request samples, visit

Person filling out watermarked document
Two people completing secure documents for business deal

Watermarked and security paper

Prevent counterfeiting or criminal activity with our watermarked and security paper. Add your company or institution logo to documents like transcripts, medical records, prescriptions and business forms to reduce the risk of fraud or duplication. The vital information is still accessible and readable, even with the watermark.

Self-expiring name and security badges

Protect your buildings with self-expiring badges. Once activated, these badges reveal a “Void” message after 24 hours. Provide guest passes for limited access and trust that they won’t be used again. Need a different format or want to add your logo? We can help with that. Ask our team about your needs, and we’ll customize your order.

Person swiping self-expiring security badge

Prevent fraud today

Every day you wait to address fraud or duplicate documents is a day you may be losing money or putting your business and brand at risk. Contact GO2’s Secure Documents team to develop a customized fraud and duplication prevention strategy. Don’t wait to protect your business and customers.

Man shopping at supermarket

Customer Success Story

See how GO2’s Secure Documents team significantly reduced the cost of coupon fraud for the #1 branded frozen hamburger company.

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