5 Great Ideas for Implementing Sustainable Packaging for Your Business

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Feb 27, 2024 1:56:57 PM

Whether your business is working with a new green initiative or looking to distinguish itself from the competition, updating to sustainable packaging can be a strategic and beneficial initiative.


Sustainable packaging makes business sense. It’s more affordable than ever, with stylish and eco-smart options. Many consumers prefer companies that value sustainability and will reward them with their business.


With so many options for sustainable packaging, starting the initiative can feel overwhelming. If you’re interested in going green with your packaging but don’t know how to get started, we can help.


What Is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is designed to create minimal pollutants during its production. It also leaves less waste material after use. When designing sustainable packaging, many companies use materials that are 100% recyclable. Other sustainable options include biodegradable material, which leaves no lasting plastics or other polluting materials after use.


5 Tips for Implementing Sustainable Packaging

Even if you’re initially reluctant to transition from standard, non-sustainable packaging, you’ll be surprised to find many packaging options that provide you with the same quality and usability you’ve come to expect. These options drastically reduce your environmental impact and positively impact your customers.


Here are a few tips to consider as you plan your sustainable packaging strategy.


1.     Determine Your Packaging Needs

Before shopping around for sustainable packaging solutions, take a moment to understand your packaging needs. How durable do your packages need to be? Will they be exposed to very high or very low temperatures? Are your packages uniform in shape, or do you need special accommodation for irregular-sized parcels?

Asking these questions provides the baseline information you need to find a sustainable packaging solution that will work for your business.


2.     Quantify Your Sustainability Goals

Another important step is determining your sustainability goals. While it would be great to always work with 100% sustainable solutions, that’s not feasible for every business.


What’s a reasonable goal for your company? Are certain products or product lines more conducive to sustainable packaging? Is one segment of customers more likely to appreciate eco-friendly packaging? Even if you can only implement sustainable packaging with a few of your products, it’s a start and can significantly affect your company’s total ecological footprint.


3.     Work with a Packaging Provider

After you’ve set goals and have a scope for the packaging, it’s time to find a packaging provider to help you meet them. The right provider should do more than offer you high-quality, sustainable packaging. Their experience and resources can help you easily meet or exceed your goals. Working with a trusted, proven supplier reduces the risk that your company will experience delays and setbacks while transitioning to sustainable packaging.


4.     Market Your New Packaging

While sustainable packaging is good for the planet, it can also be good branding and a component of your marketing strategy. Many companies that use sustainable packaging choose to market their green-friendly practice right on the box.


Including words like “This package is compostable” or “100% edible packaging” on your containers lets customers know that your business places a high value on ecologically sustainable practices. Including these phrases in addition to your typical brand information and designs helps you create lasting impressions on customers.


5.     Evaluate and Improve the Program

Even after you’re satisfied with your sustainable packaging, there are still opportunities for improvement. Collect data, evaluate your strategy and slowly improve your processes. Asking customers for feedback on their packaging gives you an idea of how well the material is holding up during transit. It also provides you with an opportunity to gauge customer satisfaction with your sustainability efforts. Using this data to drive further improvements to your business’s identity helps you connect with more people and improve your bottom line.


Start Working with Sustainable Packaging

Rather than struggling to get your packaging program off the ground, work with the experts at GO2 Partners. We’ve provided support and expertise to companies like yours as they implement eco-friendly packaging strategies.


Sustainable packaging is just one area that GO2 Partners can help your business with. Whether you’re looking for information on marketing or operations support, we have experts who can work with you to help you achieve growth. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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