Keep Your Lines Moving: Using Quality Control and Six Sigma for Your Shipping Labels

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May 31, 2022 2:04:26 PM

What do mathematical theory and manufacturing have in common?

Enter Six Sigma.

Six Sigma ranks among the foremost methodologies for making business and manufacturing processes more effective and efficient. In addition to establishing a culture dedicated to continuous process improvement, Six Sigma offers tools and techniques that reduce variance, eliminate defects, and help identify the root causes of errors, enabling organizations to create better products and services for consumers.

What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a project management methodology originally developed by Toyota to increase manufacturing efficiency. It’s a data-driven philosophy, utilizing math and statistics to reduce the likelihood of errors, eliminate waste, and identify the root causes of problems so manufacturing processes are as efficient as possible.

Quality Control and Six Sigma: What It Means for You

Quality control is crucial to manufacturing. Quality control systems work proactively to eliminate problems before they happen, removing the root causes of errors and correcting the factors that lead to quality escapes.

Additionally, it's a wonderful customer relationship tool, as distributors can be prepared for their customers and further narrow the margin of error. When considering the need for quality control with shipping labels, companies who specialize in this are able to show reliability from reports and shipping dates, quality or complaint issues, billing errors and much more.

The goal of Six Sigma is to improve and streamline quality control and quality management to improve processes, eliminate defects and reduce variance between services or products. By reducing variance in each shipment, you can increase productivity. The standard and quality for the product sent to the customer increases, the cost of each shipment goes down, and the stress and frustration felt by ecommerce workers goes down as well, which are all benefits that have long been the goals of successful ecommerce distributors.

Six Sigma for Ecommerce

While many industries and business verticals have embraced Six Sigma, ecommerce distribution has been especially quick to adopt it and realize the benefits.

Amazon, for example, has used Six Sigma’s methodology to optimize processes. With its widespread application of Six Sigma, Amazon has focused on streamlining everything from operations, basic business processes and everyday practices. The company has devoted more resources to customer service and fulfillment centers, ensuring high-quality service at a lower cost

Using the examples from other businesses, ecommerce companies should see Six Sigma as an opportunity to make the most of available resources, trim costs and support growth.

Getting Started with Six Sigma for Your Ecommerce Distribution Business

Six Sigma is most effective and delivers the highest level of benefits when it is implemented as an end-to-end quality control system. This includes suppliers and partner companies.

GO2 Partners is one of the only national companies offering Six Sigma quality control for shipping labels and ecommerce distribution supplies. GO2’s Six Sigma reporting is thorough, providing critical data on every mishap.

From there, GO2 identifies the root cause and develops processes or adjustments to minimize and eliminate future problems. Many customers, especially larger customers, request custom Six Sigma reports that include additional details. These reports are used in other process improvements and strategies to fulfill business needs.

With a lab dedicated to testing shipping labels, GO2 Partners can catch and correct label issues. The ecommerce distribution team at GO2 intercepts these standard errors before sending them to customers.

The Future with GO2 Partners

Six Sigma quality control affords its users efficiency, productivity, great success rates, and unmatched reliability and assuredness with customers. Ecommerce distributors interested in improving results while reducing costs should actively make Six Sigma a priority. Look at ways to implement Six Sigma processes not only internally, but with suppliers, vendors, and partner companies as well.

Contact GO2 Partners for any questions or if you’d like more information. Ask about our Six Sigma Quality Control program, and let’s see how we can help you reach your business goals.

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