Supply Chain Procurement

When you run out of essential materials or are faced with a late delivery, your operation grinds to a halt. Working with a managed services provider ensures you always have supplies, with more inventory available whenever you need it.
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Reliable Deliveries at Competitive Prices

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Essential materials

If you’re faced with a lack of essential materials, it could take weeks to get the supplies you need. Sending an order, coordinating with vendors and tracking shipments take time and prevent you from doing business. GO2 has the expertise and resources to ensure your team has the materials they need to keep your business moving. 

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Reduce Lead Times

You need materials, so you send an order to a vendor and wait for a response for hours. You might not receive the shipment for weeks, leaving your operation on hold. When you work with GO2 Partners, our national network of warehouses allows us to keep an inventory of your supplies nearby and at the ready.

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Avoid Obsolescence

Buying in bulk provides you with competitive pricing, but can lead to product obsolescence. What seemed like a great deal when you ordered a year’s supply of product six months ago now leaves you with half a year’s worth of outdated material. GO2 Partners eliminates obsolescence concerns.

Flexible Ordering Strategies

Planning for your inventory needs requires an ordering strategy, but plans don’t always work out. GO2 Partners can work with your engineering team to establish set reorder points for your supplies based on historic usage. You also have an intuitive eCommerce portal that allows you to order more when you need it. These processes ensure your operation can easily navigate challenges and needs.

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Change the Way You Order Essential Supplies

Reduce your inventory stress. Working with GO2 Partners provides you with a turnkey solution for managing your supply chain. Contact us today to discover how we've helped similar businesses transform their operations, and what we can do for yours.

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Customer Success Stories

A Fortune Global 100 company worked
with GO2 Partners to create operational efficiencies and reduce costs for purchasing mission-critical supplies for their manufacturing facilities.

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