Stop Sacrificing Performance for Sustainability in Packaging and Stretch Film

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Oct 19, 2022 10:40:23 AM

Using renewable and eco-friendly packaging materials is an admirable strategy for any business, but the increased cost and reduced performance of sustainable products when compared to traditional options can make choosing between two material types difficult.

With Sigma Stretch Film’s innovative new VANISH technology, you never need to worry about making this difficult decision again.

A Complete, Sustainable Solution for Packaging and Stretch Film

Using advanced manufacturing processes, Sigma has created a stretch film that completely assimilates into biotic environments after use. Guaranteed to work for two years before the assimilation process begins, VANISH stretch film provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for manufacturing and packaging companies that want to go green, without going into the red.

What Does Bio-Assimilation Mean?

At the end of the product’s life span, all that’s left is CO2, water and biomass. VANISH stretch film doesn’t leave behind any microplastics. All remnants of the product can be safely consumed by microorganisms, with no adverse effects on the environment.

Can VANISH Stretch Film Start to Degrade Before Two Years?

The stabilizing agents in the film ensure a life span of two years. Even when used in hot, humid, and corrosive environments, VANISH stretch film stays as strong and durable as traditional stretch film products.

Is VANISH Stretch Film Weaker than Other Sigma Stretch Films?

No. The basic components of VANISH stretch film are the same as Sigma’s other products. The bio-assimilation technology has no negative impact on performance during the film’s life span.

Does VANISH Require Special Environmental Conditions to Assimilate?

VANISH stretch film easily assimilates in marine, terrestrial and anaerobic environments. That means the film degrades in a landfill as easily as it would in the ocean or underground. There are no special requirements needed to benefit from this technology.

Is VANISH More Expensive than Traditional Stretch Films?

The increased cost of producing VANISH film is minimal. This minor increase in cost is easily offset by using a Rite-Gauging Assessment to optimize the amount of film needed for your application.

Contact GO2 Partners to Learn More

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