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    You may be an expert in managing money and helping your customers. Still, a partner who can alleviate the logistical headaches associated with running a financial institution would let you focus on higher priorities. Tracking down vendors, delivering promotional materials and maintaining inventory can take time out of your day. GO2 Partners can handle these critical services and give you more time for what’s important.
    Financial services

    A Turnkey Business Solution for Financial Institutions

    Operating a financial business requires more than just providing excellent service to customers. You must manage your inventory of essential supplies, promote your business, ensure that statements are delivered to clients, and support your team. These tasks aren’t easy, and they can take away from the face time your clients need.
    You need a full-time partner that can manage these logistical needs and give you more time in your day. With GO2 Partners, you can focus on your clients, knowing that these critical needs are met. We provide customized solutions that empower your team and keep your business moving forward.
    Turnkey business solutions for financial institutions
    Here’s how we do it:

    Branch Supplies

    Take the complexity and frustration out of managing inventory and orders for branch supplies. GO2 designs a solution around your needs. Whether it’s easy online ecommerce order with direct billing to the branch, regular shipments from 3PL partners, or price controls and cost reductions by evaluating suppliers, GO2 can help.

    Promotional Products

    If you want to increase the local awareness of your business, then promotional products can be a great marketing investment. The right products can be offered at local events, showing the community you care while building your brand and promoting your company.

    GO2 Partners works with your team to design promotional products that execute your strategy. Then we handle the logistics, with top manufacturers delivering them right to your door at a price you can afford. Our decades of experience allow us to deliver products that match your business’s high-quality standards while meeting your specifications.


    Statement Rendering and Mail Services

    You need to deliver monthly statements and paper reports to customers. The logistics of sending hundreds or even thousands of these statements each month can be time-consuming and difficult. You need an experienced partner who can facilitate the delivery of these statements.

    We can provide statement rendering and mail services that comply with relevant laws and regulations while working with your existing enterprise resource planning software. It’s another way we can support your operations.


    Corporate Apparel Program

    Presenting a professional face to clients is essential. Equipping your team with the right apparel can take time and may be difficult when adding new employees, and it’s a process that can quickly get out of hand. We can provide fast and easy delivery with GO2 Partners’ corporate apparel program. We also work closely with your team to ensure that we meet your standards of quality and comfort.


    Managed Inventory

    Your business may not be able to store all your essential products and materials. When you don’t have enough storage space at your location, you might face delays when resupplying. With our managed inventory services, you benefit from our extensive fulfillment network. We can store your materials and provide them as quickly and efficiently as needed.


    Logistic Solutions that Empower Your Team

    Do you want to learn more about how GO2 can assist your business? Schedule a consultation today to meet with one of our experts. We make it our mission to be the easiest company to do business with, so don’t wait to learn how we can help.