Label Services Designed Around Your Needs

If you’re constantly frustrated with label shipments or wishing for customer service that listens, you need a better label solution. GO2’s comprehensive label service is designed around you. Our automated system eliminates problems as you work with our dedicated team of industry-leading label experts to achieve your goals.
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Label Expertise and Experience that Make a Difference

Efficient operations

Business success requires efficient operations. While waiting for your labels to arrive, your customers wait on their orders. Supply chain issues cause frustration, anxiety and lost business. If you can’t serve your customers on time, you’ll lose them.

Custom solutions

You have a unique operation that needs custom solutions. GO2 Partners offers a deep bench of expertise, plus services and resources across the country, so you have a comprehensive plan based on your needs. 

Turnkey solutions

GO2’s turnkey, comprehensive labeling solution delivers efficiency. With every order, you have tracking information, operational data and quality control checks. You have the critical supplies you need without worry and frustration.

Advanced Label Expertise

Eliminate problems before they happen with label experts that understand the technology. For example, we can develop labels that identify potentially hazardous substances when working in scientific and other industries. Built with advanced technology that prevents deterioration even when exposed to corrosive substances, we can deliver solutions for the most challenging shipping requirements.

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Strategic Partnerships and a Global Footprint

Get connected with GO2. You want access to strategic partners around the world who can provide you with the facilities and services you need to keep your products moving. We’ve cultivated and maintained relationships with these partners, providing you with that access.

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World-class Customer Service

Shipping delays and a lack of communication with your vendors can stymie your business. GO2’s amazing customer service department is available for every question or request. It’s a concierge service that includes operations analysts, marketing experts and more, all working for you. That’s decades of experience and industry-leading expertise focused on growing your business.

Label Material Quality Control Lab

Don’t leave your business operations up to chance. Make sure your labels meet your needs with GO2’s material quality control lab. We test factors that can impact your shipping, such as temperature and humidity on adhesive deterioration.

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Solutions for Every Situation

At GO2, we’ve developed label solutions for the most challenging situations. Need something special? We’ve worked with thermal transfer labels, cut sheet shipping labels, auto-apply labels, integrated shipping labels and radio frequency identification (RFID) labels. Our state-of-the-art lab also serves as our research and development site, where we can develop custom label solutions designed for you.

Access to Resources and Expertise

When you work with GO2, you get access to more than just our labels department. We act as a one-stop shop that can assist you with any challenge your business is facing.

Improve your operation today by working with the labeling experts at GO2

When you work with us, you get a partner who is committed to helping you achieve growth.


Customer Success Stories

See how GO2 helped a manufacturer meet growing product demand and ship on time with a new label supply solution that delivered on its pricing requirements.

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