End-to-End Packaging Programs Built for You

One-size-fits-all packaging solutions can leave you and your customers frustrated. Get control of your packaging program with GO2’s seamless ordering process, fast turnaround, live data feed, and automation. It’s a turnkey, sustainable packaging solution that meets your unique requirements. No matter your challenges, GO2’s Packaging group is ready to deliver solutions.
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Custom Packaging Solutions that Deliver Results

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Importance of quality

You know that generic one-size-fits-all packaging products and low-cost suppliers often cost more in the long run. With GO2’s suite of services and solutions, you can select just what you need, building a program that addresses your needs.

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Protect your revenue

Inefficient DIM weights, overstocked inventory, delays in order fulfillment, unappealing branding and low-quality materials annoy your customers, hurt your revenue, and shrink the bottom line.

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Work more efficiently

Work with our team to identify the most cost-effective and efficient packaging products. With our Just-in-Time (JIT) program, we store your packaging materials for you, ensuring that they arrive just in time for you to ship orders.

Stay on Top of Your Packaging Needs

Make technology work for you and streamline operations to better manage your packaging inventory. We design the order process around you. With an online ordering system, you never have to wait. Or, set automatic ordering when you hit a certain inventory threshold. Live data feeds let you see where your order is at any moment, so you know you’ll have the packaging you need.

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Better Packaging Means More Sales

With the right packaging, your customers will take notice. Sell more with the most effective packaging designs. We’re your complete solution provider, not only managing your packaging supply chain, but our experts work with you to develop the best, whether it's a lower-cost, higher-quality, or eye-catching design. Customizable solutions incorporate your goals and business needs.

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Faster, Easier Ordering

When you order from GO2, you don’t have to worry about waiting for business hours or employee availability. Our touchless ordering process gives you access to our advanced packaging solutions system whenever you need it.

Boost Your Brand with Packaging

Turn every package into an opportunity to build your brand and connect with customers. Work with our design team and brand experts to bring your business vision to life in your packaging. Don't settle for boring when you can have the high-quality, exciting, eye-catching packaging design you want! 

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Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching and brand-forward designs. Work with GO2's marketing and graphic design team to elevate your packaging and customer experience.

Expertise Means a Better Packaging Solution

You know that small improvements to the DIM weight of your product can lead to substantial savings. GO2 understands how to optimize DIM weight, providing you with a comprehensive DIM weight analysis.

Custom Plastic Solutions

No two plastic solutions are the same. Do you have the correct film for your application? Are you using the optimal solution? GO2 has the vendor base and expertise to ensure you aren’t wasting money and resources on the wrong material.

Improve Your Packaging

Don’t wait to solve your packaging challenges. Work with our team of experts and industry leaders to develop a solution that works for you and is focused on your needs and business goals

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