Sourcing Management

You have an excellent relationship with your supplier, but a lack of diversity exposes your supply chain. If something happens to your single source of essential materials, your operation comes grinding to a halt. GO2 Partners provides access to an intricate and resilient network of suppliers that ensures your business’s supply chain is never at risk.
Sourcing Management

A Single Access Point to a Full Network of Vendors

Vendor and supplier selection

Establishing relationships with multiple vendors and suppliers can mitigate the risk of problems with your supply chain, but developing these contacts takes time that you don’t have. The answer is a better supply chain solution for your business.

Extensive supply network

You have a great relationship when you work with a single supplier, but your operation is left exposed. GO2 Partners fixes this problem by providing you with an extensive supply chain network that you can access through a single point of contact at GO2.

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Supply chain resiliency

Delays, incorrect deliveries and damaged products keep you from success. With GO2 Partners’ sourcing management as the solution, you don’t need to worry. We work with multiple vendors and provide several layers of redundancy to ensure that you always have the resources your business runs on.

Competitive pricing through vendor negotiations

Finding the right deal isn’t easy. You meet with several vendors and spend hours negotiating, but aren’t always able to reach an agreement that works for your business. GO2 Partners has developed business relationships with key vendors across multiple industries, so we can always find the right price for your supplies, ensuring quality while keeping costs low. Working with multiple vendors keeps prices competitive and allows flexibility and options as you navigate the market.

Competitive Pricing

Supplier consolidation

Working with multiple vendors lets your business source essential materials at competitive prices, but makes coordinating shipments and communicating your needs a challenge. Working with GO2 allows you to work with multiple suppliers while consolidating their services with our team. We find the right price and coordinate deliveries so you can focus on running your operation.

Access to Resources and Expertise

When you work with GO2, you get access to more than just our supply chain managers. We act as a one-stop shop that can assist you with any challenge your business is facing.

Don’t Wait to Protect Your Line of Supply

If you don’t have backup vendors in place in case of a supply chain emergency, your business is at risk. Work with the experts who keep your business safe while ensuring you always have the right supplies on hand.

Customer success story

Customer Success Story

See how GO2 provided critical expertise that led to efficiency and significant cost savings for a Fortune 100 manufacturer.

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