5 Ways You Can Use HubSpot Service Hub to Increase Revenue

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Jan 24, 2024 12:33:57 PM

Your customers deserve the best. Your goal should be to provide the highest customer service experience possible.  


HubSpot Service Hub is a premium tool that will help your business exceed customer service expectations by responding to inquiries and comments in a timely fashion, boosting revenue, and creating loyal customers. With Service Hub, your team has the tools they need to better manage customer requests. Rather than waiting for a problem to happen, you can proactively curate exceptional experiences for your customers. 

For companies who aren’t already HubSpot users or are unfamiliar with the HubSpot Service Hub, let’s consider what HubSpot Service Hub is and how you can use it to boost your customer service.  

What is HubSpot Service Hub? 

HubSpot is a robust Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform that consists of six different hubs. Each hub is responsible for managing different areas of a company’s business.  

HubSpot’s service hub connects all your customer service data onto one CRM platform and automates your customer service. Here are five reasons to get HubSpot Service Hub for your revenue operations.   

Generate Tickets  

HubSpot Service Hub will save your customer service reps time by automatically generating tickets using workflows that you design. If your customer has a question, concern, or comment about your product or service, HubSpot can generate a ticket containing relevant information. The ticketing system will then alert a customer service rep that an action needs taken.  

Ticket generation options include:  

  • Forms to capture information from users.  
  • Tickets for consultations or marketing requests.   
  • Inquiries expressed via web chat and Facebook Messenger.  
  • Email generated tickets.   

In addition, HubSpot’s ticketing system equips managers with tools to oversee their customer service team better. As a central hub for customer requests, managers can review and make necessary adjustments.

Over time, you can better monitor customer response time and ticket volume. With that data, you can reduce the time and effort to close a ticket and adjust service offerings and business processes to reduce the cost of customer service. 

Survey Customers  

How much do you really know about your customers? With HubSpot, you can improve customer satisfaction and collect feedback regarding a product, service, or experience with feedback surveys. With the survey feature, you can:  

  • Create a survey that fits your specific needs from scratch.  
  • Get feedback from customers regarding their experience with your technical and support teams with Customer Experience Surveys (CES).  
  • Measure customer satisfaction with satisfaction surveys.  
  • Get the customer’s opinion on your brand with loyalty or net promoter score.  

This data is valuable for your business. With it, you can better evaluate how to price your offerings and provide valuable insight to your sales team.   

Share and Access Knowledge  

With HubSpot’s knowledge base, your employees can have access to how-to procedures, modules, tools, and general questions about the software. In addition, you can share your knowledge with your fellow salespersons and marketers through guides, articles, and manuals on how to perform processes, procedures, purchases, service requests, and more.  

In your knowledge base you can provide helpful content about your business that visitors will appreciate and organize them into categories, and subcategories. Administrators can also control who has access to the content by making it public or private.  

With a centralized database of information, your team works most efficiently. Calls that once came to customer service can better be answered by the knowledge base.  

Enable Real-Time Communication 

Enable real-time customer communication across multiple channels with a virtual chat and conversations box. With live chat, your business can provide assistance, answer questions, and address concerns immediately.  

The conversation inbox stores all customer communications, such as emails, chats, and social media messages all into a single dashboard. With this centralized location, employees can easily view all communication to ensure consistent and personalized interactions.  

Today, customers appreciate the convenience of real-time communication and chat. It’s an immediate customer touchpoint and an easy way to reduce confusion and track interactions. 

Offer Customer Communication Options  

HubSpot’s customer portal gives the customer ownership of how they prefer to communicate. They can easily view all forms of conversations associated with their ticket including any chats, Facebook messenger messages, form submissions, and emails.  

Customers can get updates on how their issues are being handled without contacting a customer service representative.  Your customers can use a self-login to view, open, and reply to their tickets.  This portal can be customized to match your brand’s look and feel and integrated with your company’s knowledge base.  

When considering how to improve customer experience, providing more options and the tools to execute those options is critical. It reduces the friction and frustration that can happen when answering your customer. 

Maximize Your ROI With a HubSpot Implementation Partner  

HubSpot Service Hub is an amazing tool. However, most companies lack the resources to optimize their launch. Between mirroring your processes into the software, training employees, optimizing the system, and taking advantage of everything HubSpot has to offer, it can leave implementation teams overallocated. To use this platform to its fullest and ensure a smooth onboarding experience, you should consider an implementation partner.  

An implementation partner will set up HubSpot in the best way possible for your company’s needs and goals. HubSpot is a powerful tool by itself, however, by partnering with us you will see results that will amplify ROI. 

GO2 Partners is a team of operations and marketing specialists who have assisted countless companies get the most out of their HubSpot investment. We will ensure everyone on your team can use HubSpot to its full potential and guide you along the way. Contact us today.   




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