How to Reduce the Risk and Cost of Printing for Clinical Labs

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Mar 11, 2024 4:01:17 PM

Printing is a critical part of successful lab operations.

Requisition forms, chain-of-custody documents, laser compatible e-chains, specimen-tracking cards and barcoded labels and tags all play an integral role in the laboratory testing process. Errors in mission-critical documents can mean serious consequences for your business.

Many laboratories today are utilizing a qualified print partner to produce mission critical products, and with the right print partner in place, these labs are reducing their costs and business risk.  

The Challenges of General Print Services

In the past, many labs utilized general printing services. The demands of laboratory printing are growing, and some challenges are too great to easily manage with a printer that doesn’t specialize in the laboratory industry.Get Control of your Mission Critical Documents Work with the Leaders of Lab Media

This is pushing labs to find qualified outside print resources to address specific challenges. For example:

How the eCCF will Affect Your Print Needs

In April 2015, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) ruled to allow the use of electronic chain of custody and control forms for Federal Drug Testing.

While paper chain of custody forms are still a part of every laboratory, many collections are now also using an Electronic Chain of Custody Form (eCCF). The use of eCCF for Federal Drug Testing has pushed labs to embrace new technology like electronic forms and the paperless office.

Today, many labs have stopped pouring resources into in-house print and warehouse capabilities as they move toward an electronic solution. This has allowed the lab to focus efforts on their core business, rather than printing.

Labs are now relying on third-party providers to store, manage and fulfill customized requisitions and kits with quality and accuracy that matches or exceeds their previous in-house services. Using a general printer can increase your risk for error. A qualified print partner understands the importance of delivering accurate products on time – the first time.

Service and Customization Challenges

Today, lab customers expect more customized forms at a low cost and with faster service. Trying to manage these demands with internal resources adds expenses – more employees, more storage space, more complexity, and more cash tied up in inventory. Labs end up with unused SKUs and stock – money tied up in useless inventory.

Labs simply need more out of their printing, more than a non-qualified print partner can provide. A qualified print provider can deliver the customized forms while ensuring the lab-centric priorities of the printed materials are met, reducing risk and cost for the lab.

Getting Ahead with Qualified Laboratory Print Services

A qualified print service provider understands the requirements and needs of the lab and testing industry. Many labs are leveraging this superior service to deliver more value to customers. It allows the lab to focus on improving the core business.

GO2 Lab Media, a qualified lab print provider, delivers the dynamic solutions that support the transition to paperless operations and eCCFs. They offer overprinting service and ExpressReqs – Just-in-Time customized requisitions that offers a great flexibly and eliminates the need for inventory on a growing number of SKUs.

With qualified laboratory print services, you work with experts specialized in the unique needs of laboratory printing. The provider can focus on delivering the document and print services the lab needs, so the lab can focus on serving their customers.

It enables the lab to get out of printing business. The lab delivers better client service, reducing risk and cost while increasing efficiencies across the company.

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