Essential Forms for Moving Companies

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Jun 23, 2023 4:28:39 PM

Running a moving business can be stressful. There are financial, legal and administrative details galore. 

With so many factors involved in running your own moving business, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is printing your own forms. Not only is in-house print management time-consuming, but there are many risks involved, including bad printing, misprints, and the possibility of running out of forms.  

This article will discuss the important forms movers need to keep on hand and the best solution for your print management needs.  

Hazardous Waste Manifests  

A hazardous waste manifest is a document required for hazardous waste that is shipped off-site. This document accompanies hazardous waste from the point of origin, through transportation, to the final treatment, storage and disposal facility. Everyone involved in shipping will sign and receive one of the manifest copies, which tracks the waste.  

Binding Estimate of Cost  

A binding estimate means the quoted price estimates the amount that should be paid, including additional unforeseen costs. The total cost will likely differ from the estimated price given by the movers.  

Descriptive Inventory  

A descriptive inventory form is a checklist of all the items people want to move to their new location. Professional movers use this list to calculate the shipment’s total value and overall condition for legal and insurance purposes.  

Driver’s Daily Log 

These daily logs are used by drivers to record their duty status every 24 hours.  

High-Risk/High-Value Inventory  

The high-risk/high-value inventory form is required for all items considered “high risk” or “high value” by the shipper or transportation service provider. Some items that could be considered high value/high risk are money, jewelry, silverware, comic books, baseball cards, stamps and more.  

Household Goods Bill of Lading 

This form is a contract between the consumer and the household goods carrier. It permits the carrier to move, pack and perform other services listed on the form.  

Local Moving and Storage Estimate  

This form helps consumers factor in all the variables that go into pricing the type of move. This is an accurate and efficient way to learn the cost of moving or storage.  

Order for Service 

Order for service is a contract between the consumer, public mover and/or warehouse person at least 24 hours before the move with a non-binding estimate.  

Rider to Inventory  

A rider to inventory form helps consumers record when received goods arrive in a condition other than their original state. This form has fields for the shipper’s name, bill of lading number, origin, destination, the location from where goods are received, date, van number, tag log number, and tag color.  

Statement of Accessorial Services  

This form is used to record services performed for government and military shipments.  

Notification of Loss or Damage  

This is the only document carriers will accept for reporting loss and damage to household goods. Consumers will use this form to list all known losses and damage at the time of delivery.  

Warehouse Receipts  

A warehouse receipt guarantees the quantity and quality of a particular good stored at an approved facility. These receipts prove that the goods are in the warehouse and that the proper documentation has been verified.  

Mover’s Forms and Additional Support for Your Business 

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