5 Promotional Kits Designed to Boost Your Business

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Jun 26, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Everyone loves swag. Especially if it’s cool, useful and attractive. 

The fact that gift recipients say receiving a custom promotional gift strengthened their relationship with the company that gave it to them should encourage more companies to give. Many business and marketing leaders know that promotional gifts can be a powerful tool, but aren’t sure how to implement a program or strategically use them. That’s a missed opportunity.

Marketing and Promotional Ideas for Business 

Fortunately, there are concepts and strategies that work. We cover several occasions when companies can show their appreciation and leave a lasting impression on their customers or employees.  

1. New Hire Kits  

Welcome your new employees with a new hire kit. These kits will help your new hire to be excited about their new company and position. Choose high-quality swag that your employees will actually want to use. Some items to include are: 

  • Sample products – If your company makes physical products, why not include a sample? This will help your employee become familiar with the product, which will help them do a better job promoting it.  
  • Tech accessories – Mouse pads, headphones, charging stations and other technological accessories are practical yet trendy. 
  • Office supplies – One can never have enough office supplies. Include items such as pens, pencils, sticky notes, paper clips, highlighters, a tape dispenser and a stapler. 
  • Stress relievers – Starting a new job can be stressful. Stress balls, fidget toys and putty are just a few types of fun things that will get plenty of use.  

2. New Customer Kit  

A new customer kit or welcome package is a terrific way to show you are committed to customer satisfaction. Some important things to include are: 

  • A welcome letter – A brief personalized message on branded stationery is a great way to show your customer you care and say how excited you are to have them on board.  
  • Branded pens – Make it easy for customers to contact you by providing branded pens with your company’s information on them.  
  • A promotional gift – Give the customer something they’ll cherish for a long time such as a coffee mug, backpack or beach towel. Add your logo and a colorful design and you’ll make a lasting impression. 
  • A branded gift bag – Give your kit a warm touch by packaging it in a branded bag or wrapped gift box. 

3. Milestone Kits for Customers 

Milestone kits remind customers that you care and encourage repeat business. Some great ideas for this kit include: 

  • A variety of teas – A box of tea is an economical gift with no expiration date.  
  • A customized wine bottle – A branded bottle of wine is a good way to symbolize a celebratory mood.  
  • A personalized journal – Journals are always in style. They’re a terrific way to take notes, register an appointment and make a to-do list.  
  • A keychain – Send a motivational message by means of a keychain. They’re useful, long-lasting and affordable.  

4. Corporate Thank You Gifts 

Show gratitude to your business partners with a corporate thank you gift. These kits are a great way to send a personal message that says thank you. Some things to include are: 

  • A bag of coffee or tea – A branded bag of morning beverages is both attractive, tasty and welcome.  
  • Biscotti – This tasty treat is great to dip in coffee and tea. Moreover, it can last up to two weeks. 
  • A coffee mug – Mugs will always get plenty of use and are a great advertisement.  
  • A notebook – Who doesn’t need paper? Also, notebooks are some of the easiest things to brand and personalize. 

5. Employee Tenure Gifts 

Commemorate an employee’s workiversary and commend them for their loyalty with one of these employee anniversary gifts: 

  • Branded company apparel – Company apparel encourages employees to have a sense of belonging and pride in their position.  
  • Care package – With many working from home, why not award your remote workers with a branded blanket, coffee mug, or lap desk?  
  • Snacks – Everyone loves snacks. Celebrate your employee’s special day with a few of their favorite treats.  
  • Cocktail gift set – A cocktail set is always appreciated. These sets may include anything from a drink mixer, pint glasses, zesty seasonings and alcohol.  

GO2 Partners Brand Promotion 

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Our customized kits are thoughtfully curated and serve as a powerful marketing tool that will boost your business in a number of ways. They can generate new leads and make current clients and employees feel appreciated.   

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