6 Ways a Print Management Program Saves Your Business Money

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Jul 3, 2023 3:30:00 PM

Time consuming. Amateurish. Lack of options. Inconvenient. No space for printer.  

Do any of these describe your experience with in-house print management?  

While in-house print management might appear as easy as buying your own printer and assigning a few employees to handle the process, many have come to realize it is no easy task. They are shocked by the hidden costs in money, time and resources.  

If you are weighing the pros and cons of using a print managed service to handle your printing needs, you’ve come to the right spot. First, let’s consider what print management is.  

What Are Print Managed Services?  

Not to be confused with printer management or document management, print management is the process of overseeing and tracking printing and copying.  

This involves using a managed service to proof, print, finish, stock, distribute and source printed materials.  

A managed service for print materials is an invaluable resource for any business. By using an expert in printing with insight and experience in the printing process, you have a world-class resource working in your office without having to assign or hire additional staff to oversee it. Print managed services offer in-depth knowledge of various production methods, materials, design expertise and digital asset management.  

The benefits of using a print managed service include:   

Better Sourcing for Print Services and Materials  

As labor shortages and consolidation in the print industry continue to be an issue, finding print companies that can handle your demands and schedules is not always easy.  

A managed service for print gives you access to numerous vendors and suppliers, which means you will also receive multiple quotes. Furthermore, you can access printing presses, equipment and technology without spending valuable resources to build your supply chain. You can expedite the delivery of high-quality printed materials at the best available price.  

High-Quality Paper for Your Business 

Discerning which paper best suits each project is an art. Professional print services know what kind of paper is suitable for every project. With their knowledge and vendor connections, they can source the best option for your work to be printed on.  

Print managed services offer dedicated materials and supplies. With their understanding of the market, they can prepare for and mitigate supply-chain problems. They offer multiple resources and industry connections that can help ensure the best possible results for your job. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality materials in the right amounts, so you have a competitive edge and stay ahead of the game.  

Increased Business Efficiency  

Print management takes time. Contacting vendors and building a supply chain on your own is stressful and takes away from higher-priority work. 

When printing is done in-house, IT or an office resource manages multiple devices, print output, costs, security and end-user printing behaviors. They, or other personnel, will need to order supplies and be on call when a problem happens.  

A print managed service will oversee the entire print management process from proof to print. With a streamlined and easy way to reorder, plus error-free, high-quality print materials, you enjoy better results with significantly less work. It’s easier to manage a much smaller in-house print operation for small or emergency work while letting the service handle the larger tasks.  

Cost Savings and Reduced Expenses 

Printing requires skilled personnel for special projects and sometimes for standard print jobs. One-off jobs for special projects or unique needs can quickly increase overall costs, in addition to the hidden expenses that add up.  

By allocating the printing work to a managed service, companies eliminate many of these costs and can get better visibility into the expenses and ROI of the work. You can cap hidden costs and work with better data and analytics to ensure you are allocating resources wisely.  

Moreover, since managed service workers are outsourced, the company will save on expenses that would otherwise go to paying taxes, sick leave and vacations. 

Reduced Risk and Fewer Emergencies  

Outsourcing printing is not only cost-effective, it also lowers your business risk. Print managed services have specialized personnel that are highly experienced in various kinds of print jobs. By letting a professional printing service handle your printing needs, you are reducing the risk of mistakes or problems. There’s nothing worse than having lost or misprinted forms or documents as you are closing out a business deal.  

Furthermore, a print managed service uses outside equipment and resources to complete printing. Rather than using an outdated or overworked printer, you have peace of mind knowing your documents are safe with an expert print provider and a high-quality printer.  

Getting Started with Print managed Services 

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We have partners throughout the country and connections with the nation’s best vendors. We are your single-source solution for design, printing, distribution and management of business communications for your printed products.  

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