5 Ways to Boost Efficiency in Manufacturing

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Jul 31, 2023 1:00:00 PM

No matter the industry, every company’s goal should be to improve efficiency. This is certainly true for manufacturing.  

Manufacturing efficiency will lessen expenses, reduce waste, increase quality, allow employees to focus on more important tasks, and improve output. Here are five ways your manufacturing business can boost efficiency and better track processes.  

Utilize a Tracking System  

With a work-in-process (WIP) tracking system, you can quickly track multiple assets entering or exiting the facility, view full production history, conduct real-time inquiries, and generate reports with the data you need to make decisions. This technology allows you to answer common questions about your product, such as where it is, who is working on the item, how long it took to carry out the function, or even the status of your inventory.  

There are several methods with which to implement WIP tracking, including login data collection or RFID tags and sensors to track progress. When considering your options, look at automating tracking as much as possible. Make sure to identify the most important work or materials to track to eliminate gaps in your production visibility.  

Provide Regular Training  

Machinery and best practices constantly change. Therefore, to ensure your employees are working at peak performance, give them the training they need to stay current. Training is not only a good way to develop best practices, but it can also eliminate problematic processes before they cause an expensive issue. For example, if machine setup isn’t done correctly, you can risk a breakdown or safety hazard. 

By providing regular training, you will improve job efficiency by giving employees the guidance they need to do their jobs better and safer. Done right and regularly, you can make it an opportunity for team bonding and company communication. 

Solve Problems as a Team  

In manufacturing, it’s easy to develop blinders when it comes to analyzing processes. You see one aspect of production but can’t see the big picture or how different operations connect to deliver the results you need. Don’t tackle your problems alone. Take off the blinders and make sure to consult others as you consider process improvements. 

Getting your employees’ perspectives will help you make more informed decisions. They can provide insight into issues that management may not even be aware of. In addition, working together as a team will improve employee unity and communication.  

Perform Upkeep on Your Machinery  

Schedule routine maintenance for all machinery. Broken machinery can mean downtime and work delays. A machine that needs repairs can also be a safety risk. 

Regularly maintaining equipment will avoid issues before they become big problems. Schedule time for maintenance before those problems happen. Furthermore, train your employees to evaluate equipment before use. Give them the ability to flag equipment for maintenance. Keep a maintenance schedule and stock up on basic parts, cables, or other items in case the machine malfunctions or something breaks down.  

Implement Automation  

Embrace automation. Automation will improve output and lower expenses by reducing time spent managing processes. Many of the most basic tasks, ones that potentially eat up time for an employee, can be completed in less time and with less effort with automation.  

To start your automation process, consider what tasks can be automated. Areas where you may find automation opportunities include inventory management, report generation, personnel coordination, and even production work like finishing. Automating these tasks will lighten the load so employees can focus on higher-priority work. Often, you can target production challenges with automation. For example, you can eliminate the need to collect information manually so you can work with real-time data rather than dated reports.  

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