How to Maximize your Custom Label Options for Ecommerce Distributors

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Aug 16, 2019 3:22:00 PM

For the e-commerce industry, it’s more important than ever to optimize all aspects of the shipping process.

As consumer expectations continue to rise, buyers increasingly demand and expect flawlessly executed ordering experiences — extending from purchase to delivery and beyond. Packaging and delivery are some of the most tangible ways customers will interact with your brand so it is vital to make the most of these important touchpoints. Giving your buyers a hassle-free shipping experience will significantly impact brand loyalty and repeat purchasing.

Beyond the customer experience factor, optimizing your shipping supplies is essential for both operational efficiency and cost savings. Choosing the best labels for your processes will help save packaging time and avoid costly shutdowns due to labeling errors. Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency Take the pain out of your Ecommerce Shipping

One of the best ways to meet unique shipping requirements is to use custom shipping labels. Custom labels can be designed using a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to speed up packaging, improve quality control, and upgrade customer experience.

High-quality custom shipping labels offer a greater value

Are your labels cumbersome to work with? Do they fall off of cartons or get stuck to their liners? Using high-quality custom labels can solve these and other time-sinking issues — improving everything from storage to shipment. Supplies that are reliable and easy to work with can give a boost to both your productivity and your bottom line. For example, if you are shipping out boxes that must remain refrigerated, using specialty cold storage adhesive is critical to ensure your shipping labels do not fall off cold packaging.

Some types of customized labels to consider include:

  • Fold under
  • Integrated
  • Direct thermal
  • Thermal transfer
  • Cut sheet
  • Auto apply
  • Barcode label

Which custom shipping label is right for you?

To see how high-quality custom shipping labels can help improve your customer experience and keep your lines running smoothly, let’s explore the advantages of two of the most popular options available.


Fold-under shipping labels can be a game-changer for companies with busy distribution centers. Their unique configuration lets you print the shipping label and packing list in one pass.

Advantages of Fold-under Shipping Labels:

  • Save time – There is no need to open the carton to insert the packing list. Simply fold it under and place it on the package.
  • Avoid costly errors – Single-pass printing prevents mismatched packing lists and labels.
  • Improve customer experience – Fold-under labels are a simple solution for customers, as well. The packing list is readily accessible and easy to remove and retain for their records.

Integrated shipping labels are blank sheets of paper with peel out label areas, so you can print a packing list, shipping label, and invoice all at the same time. Integrated labels are a versatile option that come in many sizes and configurations.

Advantages of Integrated Labels:

  • Enjoy versatility – This one product can be used for several vital functions such as tagging records, specialty coupon marketing, integrated invoice form and labels, and specialty business labeling.
  • Save money – Order integrated labels in bulk to save on costs and take care of several shipping, warehouse, and marketing functions at once.
  • Avoid costly errors – Similar to fold-under, single-pass printing prevents mismatched packing lists, labels, and invoices.

Start seeing the benefits of high-quality custom shipping labels

In the highly competitive e-commerce industry, every efficiency improvement and customer experience upgrade can help you improve your margins and stay ahead of the competition. Partnering with industry experts will ensure you get the most value out of your shipping label choices.

The e-commerce specialists at GO2 Partners are ready to work with your business. For companies large and small, our specialists will find high-quality solutions that fit your unique needs and budget.

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