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When fulfilling customers’ orders, you need a packaging process that can reliably support your unique business. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all packaging solution. With GO2’s seamless ordering process, fast turnaround, live data feed, automation, and extensive, nationwide supplier network, you’ll have a turnkey, sustainable solution that meets your unique packaging requirements. No matter what challenges you face, GO2’s Packaging group is ready.

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Custom Packaging Solutions

Generic packaging products, and low-cost suppliers, often cost more in the long run. Inefficient DIM weights, overstocked inventory, delays in order fulfillment, unappealing branding and low-quality products that frustrate customers hurt your revenue and shrink the bottom line. You lose valuable business if your customers are waiting for packaging.

With GO2 Partners’ Just-in-Time (JIT) program, we store your packaging materials for you, ensuring that they arrive just in time for you to ship orders.

We act as your complete solution provider. Not only can we manage your packaging supply chain, but we work with you to develop the most effective packaging designs for your unique products. Our customizable solutions save you money and look great in the hands of customers, while keeping your operation streamlined.

Leveraging the Latest Technology for Your Packaging

You have the best solutions and materials for the job, tracking orders every step of the way with our state-of-the-art packaging program. If you want to spend less time managing your packaging operation and more time satisfying customers, we are ready to help.

Contact GO2 Partners for a modern packaging supply solution that includes:

  • Automatic ordering When you order from GO2, you don’t have to worry about waiting for business hours or employee availability. Our touchless ordering process gives you access to our advanced packaging solutions system whenever you need it.
  • Live data feeds Don’t stress about the status of your delivery. Our live data feed provides you with minute-by-minute updates. Data drives business, and we provide you with all the data you need to make informed decisions about your operation.
  • Custom plastic solutions No two plastic solutions are the same. Do you have the right film for your application? Are you using the optimal solution? GO2 has the vendor base and expertise to ensure you aren’t wasting money and resources.
  • Print-on-demand capability Work with our marketing team to design the appearance of your product. GO2 Partners can not only fulfill your packaging needs, but also boost your business. Ask about our graphic design team if you want to learn more about this service.
  • DIM weight analysis Small improvements to the DIM weight of your product can lead to substantial savings. GO2 understands how to optimize DIM weight, so we provide you a comprehensive DIM weight analysis.

Improve Your Packaging Solution Today

Don’t wait to solve your packaging challenges. Optimize today. Contact GO2 for a consultation. Talk to us about your situation. Work with our team of experts and industry leaders to develop a solution that works for you and is focused on your needs and business goals. Whether you’re looking to start a new company or update your current packaging process, we’re ready to help.

By leveraging the latest technology and industry best practices, GO2 offers you the tools you need to identify the most cost-effective packaging products. We work with you to analyze your options and arrive at a solution that will provide the greatest ROI for your business.

Learn how we can help by taking the time to meet with our expert team.

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