How to Reduce the Cost of Ecommerce Shipping Labels

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Jun 21, 2024 1:33:41 PM

Ecommerce is still growing, with global sales expected to hit around $6.33 trillion in 2024, growing at a rate of 8.8%. But with this growth comes challenges. A bad online shopping experience can push customers back to physical stores, while a great one can create loyal fans.

Why Ecommerce Shipping Labels Matter

Getting products to your customers efficiently and cost-effectively is vital for your online store's success. Investing in good shipping materials ensures accurate deliveries and happy customers.

Reduce the Cost of Ecommerce Shipping Labels

But, these materials can also be a big part of your expenses. So how do you save money without sacrificing quality? Here are some tips:

  1. Review Your Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management is key. Don’t rely on just one supplier for your labels. Consider using a distributor that works with multiple suppliers to get the best quality at the lowest price.

  1. Prioritize Quality Control

Make sure your labels are easy to remove from liners, stick well when needed, and can be residue-free if required. Partnering with a supplier that has strong quality control can prevent costly mistakes and keep your customers happy.

  1. Choose the Right Label

Using labels that fit your shipping and storage needs can save you money. For example, if you ship from hot climates, choose labels with heat-resistant adhesives to avoid delays.

  1. Practice Smart Volume Buying

Buying in bulk can save you money, but remember that shipping labels have a shelf life of about nine months to a year. Only order what you'll need for the next six to nine months to avoid waste.

  1. Plan Your Warehousing Strategically

If you have multiple distribution centers, split your bulk orders so each location has what it needs. This can cut down on overall shipping costs.

How GO2 Partners Can Help

At GO2 Partners, we provide tailored label solutions to help businesses save money and boost efficiency. Our custom and stock labels are designed to fit your unique operations, improving efficiency and reducing waste. With our comprehensive tracking, operational data and quality control checks, you’ll see smoother operations and better productivity.

Our labels are made to withstand tough conditions, considering factors like temperature and humidity, to ensure they last. Plus, our strategic partnerships and global reach mean you get top-quality labels at competitive prices.

Achieve Cost-Effective Ecommerce

Ecommerce shipping labels are crucial for efficient, cost-effective deliveries. By reviewing your supply chain, prioritizing quality, choosing the right labels, buying smartly in bulk, and planning your warehousing strategically, you can save money and keep your customers happy.

Ready to start saving? Contact GO2 Partners today and see how much you could be reducing your shipping label costs without sacrificing quality. Let's grow your business together.

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