Making work easier for sales reps on the go.

GO2 provided Sherwin-Williams with an asset management solution in the form of a single, mobile-accessible internal portal that has resulted in greater efficiency and performance among employees.



Content Strategy, Content Creation, Internal Portals, Maintenance Plans, Employee Training Materials

vitl laptop

The Sherwin-Williams sales team needed an efficient way to access customer-facing selling tools from anywhere at any time, via multiple devices.

Our Challenge

Before GO2 developed a new solution for Sherwin-Williams, the company housed sales materials on sites that lacked both intuitive navigation and mobile access.

This meant that sales reps were wasting time with cumbersome searches and could only rely on printed materials while out in the field. These obstacles frustrated reps, harmed the customer experience, and made a negative impact on Sherwin-Williams’ bottom line.

Our Solution

Based on our client’s functionality needs, GO2 built a mobile responsive website, the Virtual Intelligence Technical Library (VITL), offering full admin access for seamless content management.

vitl laptop

With VITL, our team provided sales reps with the easy, mobile accessibility they’d been lacking.

We designed a simple three-click solution that would allow reps to quickly and efficiently narrow their search results, provided options to preview, download, or email documents right from the site, and added the ability to print directly from the site to a FedEx Office store. We also included Google Analytics to monitor use, so we’re prepared to identify further opportunities to optimize VITL.


To promote the use of this new asset management tool, GO2 also created supplemental materials that would guide store and sales representatives through its use on any device.


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