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GO2 helped Sherwin-Williams achieve a YTD gallon growth of 110% for their Rejuvenate product by designing a sales kit that the company’s field sales team and division leaders have praised as a fantastic education tool for its ability to illustrate the innovation behind the product.

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Sherwin-Williams needed creative and effective sales materials for their frontline.

Our Challenge

Sherwin-Williams released an appealing new siding restoration coating with advanced technology that saves contractors time and money. But the lack of an official launch and the difficulty of conveying the product’s most impressive feature — its ability to completely revitalize the texture of the painted surface — meant their sales strategy had hit a rough spot.

Our Solution

GO2 provided the field with a comprehensive kit that helped sell Rejuvenate by educating both sales representatives and consumers. The kit included a tri-fold pocket folder with product information, a best practices sheet that explained how to use the packet when speaking with customers, and a remarkable printed sample.

rejuvenate brochure
Rejuvenate Painter

By far, the most impactful way to show off Rejuvenate’s technology is with a realistic sample of the improvement in look and texture, so our biggest challenge was coming up with a way to emulate a treated wooden board with a printed solution.

We decided to use a custom die with debossing techniques to represent the ridges, grooves, grains, and look of textured wood.

Rejuvenate Painter
Rejvenate Boards

After experimenting with several iterations of the die to perfect the texture and coloring, GO2 was able to offer the Sherwin-Williams sales representatives and store employees a tool that could accurately present the product — at half the price of real wood samples.

Rejvenate Boards

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