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Our GO2 Lab Media specialists understand the operational needs of the laboratory market. Accuracy is critical. A duplicate or mismatched barcode on a document or label can negatively impact a person's life and damage the reputation and brand of your lab. At GO2 Lab Media, we recognize that a specimen is more than just a barcode, it's a life.

Our lab media experts provide print solutions by combining an understanding of our clients’ needs with technology and industry insight. This delivers solutions that save time, increase efficiency and reduce errors. Using innovation, automation and a commitment to providing fast and accurate mission-critical sequential numbered specimen tracking products, GO2 is changing the game for forward-thinking labs.

Using our Quality Assurance Solution (QAS6), we can execute routine but important details that are client-specific, providing a level of service other printers can't match. At GO2 Partners, we are proud to create meaningful business relationships, and to earn our place as trusted advisors within our clients’ supply chain.




Mission-Critical Printing

We provide mission-critical laboratory documents including requisitions, chain of custody forms, ExpressReqsTM, laser compatible e-chains and specimen tracking cards. Our network of warehouses assists in managing your inventory and preventing stock outs.

Numbers Management

Accurate specimen identification and tracking are at the core of your laboratory operations. GO2 works with you to eliminate the risk of numbering errors.

Quality Assurance Solution

Our Quality Assurance Solution (QAS6) incorporates technology, ISO/ANSI standards and Six Sigma practices to create an unmatched quality control culture. Our continued success is a result of implementing these principles in our operations — protecting our clients, their brands and their customers. By applying QAS6, we can track every facet of the supply chain, delivering specimen tracking products quickly and accurately.

Asset and Document Management/Compliance

Improve communication and easily manage all mission-critical documents in one location to save time and resources. Review, track and communicate changes using our online solution.

Laboratory Labeling

Our commitment to maintaining a quality control culture results in refined labeling strategies that can include 100% verified ANSI/ISO barcodes, RFID, tamper-evident security, barcoded accessioning, imager/slide, cryogenic and clinical trials labels.

Lab Audit

We evaluate your unique Critical Customer Requirements (CCR), then work with you to identify areas for improvement and provide greater control over your documentation and labeling process.

Express Lab Solutions

Enhance your competitive advantage with our fast and accurate Express Laboratory Solutions. In the competitive healthcare market, it is necessary to meet or exceed your clients’ expectations in both quality and turnaround time. We offer a number of low-risk, non-traditional solutions for your mission-critical barcoded requisitions and labels — shipping within 24 to 48 hours. These flexible solutions reduce the transition time for onboarding clients or satisfying the need for client-specific requisitions or specimen tracking labels.

Single Point Distribution

Our Single Point Distribution model is designed to ship all kits, requisitions and supplies directly to collection sites upon order, leaving from a single destination point. This eliminates the need for inbound and duplicate freight and reduces the personnel needed to manage the process.


Industry insight waiting for you from the Lab Media Experts at GO2.

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More Than 20 Years of Experience

GO2 Lab Media is a Six Sigma printing company dedicated to the clinical laboratory market. Our mission is simple, to be fast, accurate and automated while reducing the risk of errors within the specimen tracking process. We create solutions by understanding your operational requirements, aligning our solutions within your business objectives, and then listening to the changing needs of your operations.

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