Business Technology

With GO2’s customized Business Technology systems, we make your data work for you.

We know that automation and integration can improve your efficiency and grow your business. So, we’ll work with you to apply software solutions that help your team work with better information and achieve higher levels of productivity.

Our investment in in-house programming means we’re equipped to provide cost-efficient solutions that are customized to address your specific challenges. And our commitment to data security means you can be completely confident in the technology we provide.

Improve your agility and drive business with our customized technology solutions.


Flex Product Information Management (PIM)

Unleash your product information with Flex, our cloud-based PIM system. Integrating your product information with your websites, e-commerce sites, dealer portal, configurator and marketing literature will make you more agile and help grow your sales.

API Integration

Have you ever wished you could take data and use it elsewhere? In today’s connected world, we can use APIs and some integration programming to do that.

System Integration

We help you automate the interaction between your systems (like your CRM, ERP and e-commerce site), making you more efficient and less error prone.

Marketing Operations

Let us help you drive business with transparent, efficient and accountable analytics to improve your operations.


20 Years of Experience

GO2 Partners’ internal team of Business Technology specialists, the ViewSource Group has been providing trusted solutions for two decades and is dedicated to applying advanced technology to support your business.

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