Marketing Technology

When you work with GO2 Partners, you’ll have access to a team of specialists dedicated to applying advanced technology to support your marketing efforts.

In addition to providing website and app development and automation, our team offers exceptional e-commerce solutions.

Our Empower e-commerce program offers unique advantages:

Customized Platform
We have invested in a platform that allows us to own the code — and that means we can address virtually any requirement, for any client.

In-House Development Team
Our dedicated team applies years of experience and expertise to offer unsurpassed e-commerce and storefront solutions.

Let our Marketing Technology specialists build advanced solutions for your business.


B2B E-Commerce Solutions

Through our Empower e-commerce program, our in-house specialists will work with you to build a completely customized and easily managed B2B storefront. Put our e-commerce expertise to work for you, and we will make it simple for your clients to buy directly from you, all while giving you the control you need.

Web Development

GO2 can support your development efforts with UX design, custom websites, product visualization, product configurators and other interactive tools.

Marketing Automation

We’ll help you streamline your initiatives by automating recurring tasks in your email marketing, social media and website lead generation.

App Development

The GO2 team can build custom mobile or web-based apps that will solve your challenges and meet your objectives.

Flex Product Information Management (PIM)

Unleash your product information with Flex, our cloud-based PIM system. Integrating your product information with your websites, e-commerce sites, dealer portal, configurator and marketing literature will make you more agile and help grow your sales.

Digital Asset Management

Work better, smarter and more efficiently. Take control of your brand with Digital Asset Management (DAM). Revision control and digital permissions ensure everyone uses the latest, most accurate digital files and your business meets the most stringent regulatory compliance. Central digital storage provides all the control and ease of access you and your team need. Critical collateral is never further than a few clicks away.

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20 Years of Experience

GO2 Partners’ internal team of Marketing Technology specialists, the ViewSource Group has been providing trusted solutions for two decades and is dedicated to applying advanced technology to support your marketing efforts.

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