Internal Communications

By keeping your employees informed, invested and empowered, you can turn them into effective brand advocates. We’ll help you bring out the best in your workforce by providing you with tailored strategies and tools for employee engagement and sales effectiveness.

Together, we can transform your internal marketing, maximize productivity through streamlined communication, increase sales by optimizing your frontline materials and lower turnover by strengthening your workplace culture. It all starts when you team up with our Internal Communications specialists.

Work with our Internal Communications specialists to engage and empower your employees.


Active Learning

Boost employees’ information retention by providing valuable active learning opportunities. GO2 develops tactics like meeting-in-a-box kits and interactive microsites to help your team actively test their knowledge and practice new skills.

Change Management Communication

61% of organizations experience three or more changes per year — and these changes can be complex and fast-paced. With the right change management strategy, we can help your team adapt and thrive through any transition.

Employer Branding

With an effective employer brand, you can build a more desirable culture, greater brand advocacy and better customer experiences. GO2 can support your efforts by translating your external brand in ways that will resonate with your internal audience.

Asset Management

65% of content for sales reps is never used because it’s hard to find, out of date or inaccessible in the field. We can eliminate these issues for your frontline by creating a single, centralized source for easily accessed, reliably up-to-date sales materials.

Launch Programs

GO2 can arm your frontline with the right knowledge and collateral to successfully promote new products or services. With tailored kits and reference materials, we’ll help your team make the most of their customer interactions.

External Initiatives

Align your sales and marketing initiatives and your frontline could achieve a 15% higher win rate. GO2 delivers content strategies, sales translation tools and customer-facing assets to bridge the gaps between your internal and external communication.

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