Our History

Since 1995, GO2 Partners has been identifying business challenges and creating strategic solutions to address them. We've empowered our employees to discover and develop unique skillsets, allowing us to evolve from a print industry leader to a trusted group of marketing and operations experts.
Each of our employees is also an owner, and that means you can trust us to make your business goals our own. We're committed to building and implementing effective strategies and embracing the latest technology to continuously advance your business, as well as our own.

Our Values



Our employee-owners have a personal stake in your progress. We take pride in powering our own business by helping you to elevate yours.



We tailor our work to fit your needs and objectives by applying creativity to the way we all think, collaborate and construct.



We believe in keeping things simple, developing efficient solutions to make your marketing and operations easier and more effective.



We’ve established a trusted reputation by maintaining open, honest communication and delivering on our promises.



Our team will build a lasting relationship with yours. We're always looking out for new opportunities to enhance and empower your business.



We are committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion because our employee-owners are the most valuable asset we have.



We are invested in your success

With our ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, we provide every employee with ownership interest in the company. We distribute profits to our employees, who can then purchase stock in the corporation.

As our client, you can be confident that everyone at GO2 is personally invested in advancing your business. Our ownership motivates us to consistently provide you with the highest quality work.


Our culture is built to support your business.

An ESOP company offers many practical benefits, including:

  • Job stability, low turnover and retirement security
  • Increased involvement and productivity gains
  • Operational transparency

The benefits of our ESOP extend to our clients as we provide:

  • A highly engaged and responsive team
  • Open communication and collaboration
  • Specialists who are empowered to ensure your long-term success

The Pursuit of Equality

GO2 Partners is committed to creating an environment where all employee-owners are not only included, but celebrated for their positive impact on our organization. We embrace and encourage differences of all kinds, including, but not limited to, age, color, ethnicity, religion, sex and sexual orientation. Everyone is treated with respect and counted on to contribute to our future success.

Our pursuit of equality enables us to create an environment where all employees are inspired to share their talents and ideas. We place a great deal of value on our people and nurture their development to ensure all employees have an equal opportunity to succeed. Diverse mindsets and distinct life experiences allow us to solve problems in new and unconventional ways.

The collective sum of the individual differences, knowledge and capabilities that GO2’s employee-owners invest in their work represents a significant part of our company’s reputation and achievements. Quite simply, fostering each employee’s unique passion for our business is the only way we win.

Meet the GO2 Partners I.D.E.A. (Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Action) Committee. GO2 is proud to embrace and encourage equality in our company and society. Diverse mindsets, distinct life experiences, and our unique passions make us stronger. Learn more about I.D.E.A and why this team is committed to ensuring all employees have an equal opportunity to succeed in our business and communities.

GO2 is progressing in the area of diversity and inclusion, and we are firmly committed to learning and doing even more. It is our responsibility to take appropriate actions to help reduce inequality. Here is a list of seven specific actions GO2 is implementing:

  1. Reviewing our present status and revising the statement of our corporate values.
    We will not tolerate abusive or discriminatory statements or conduct from any employee toward anyone. To ensure this, we have issued an updated Code of Conduct that places a greater emphasis on uniting us in our commitment to equality. We have also rephrased one of our value statements to remind us all of the need to be proactively unbiased. It states:
    • We expect honesty, respect, fairness and equal treatment from everyone, and we require open and direct communications with each other.
  2. Assessing our purchasing policy relative to minority-owned business enterprises.
    We are taking steps to make it easier for our procurement staff to purchase from minority-owned companies. These include:
    • Identifying and qualifying certified minority-owned businesses as suppliers.
    • Clearly indicating minority-owned suppliers within internal systems.
    • Adding more minority-owned suppliers to our RFP tool.
    • Tracking the amount of business we direct to minority-owned suppliers.
  3. Improving our hiring practices.
    Our proactive searches will now include a broader range of options. New recruiting tools will be used to help us see a wider, more diverse pool of candidates.

  4. Implementing more employee education.
    All employees must complete anti-discrimination and diversity and inclusion training. Then, all employees must adhere to the practices defined in the training and the GO2 Employee Code of Conduct.

  5. Encouraging philanthropy.
    GO2 offers each employee eight hours of paid community service time per year. All employees are encouraged to volunteer their time to an organization dedicated to improving the lives of others in our local community. Our company will also match financial donations made to the organization by an employee.

  6. Developing an advisory team of committed employees.
    There is now a team of employee-volunteers with the sole goal of improving equality within our company. This group is a powerful voice, helping GO2 turn plans into action.

  7. Asking for suggestions on continued improvements.
    GO2 welcomes new ideas from anywhere within the organization. Suggestions that positively impact our company’s commitment to diversity and fit within our goals will be put into action.

GO2’s initiatives are applicable to the ongoing development of a work environment built on the premise of gender and diversity equality.

We are pursuing equality at GO2 Partners by writing policies, practicing them as a fact, and supporting additional initiatives with real data.

        Some of Our Clients

Sherwin Williams
Swire Coca-Cola, USA
Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants
Steak 'n Shake
Pixelle Specialty Solutions
First National Bank Corporation
Jack Cooper
National Inventors Hall of Fame

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