No one could have predicted how significantly COVID-19 would change our lives.

As we continue to remain vigilant in the face of this pandemic, we also look to the future. How can we support our employees, our customers and our industry partners?

Supporting Business in Difficult Times

When it comes to supporting our customers’ business goals, protecting the health and safety of their employees, and delivering results in a challenging environment, GO2 Partners is second to none. We’re ready to partner with you to get back to work — or continue full speed ahead — safely and successfully.

GO2 Partners offers industry connections, business-to-business expertise, market insight and data-driven programs to keep your business moving forward. Here’s how we can help:

Internal Communication Programs

Your internal communications strategy is a blueprint for business success. It establishes the structure and processes necessary to create meaningful employee engagement and maximize sales effectiveness.

GO2 Partners understands how to support a widely dispersed workforce — or those on a factory floor — and can develop internal communication plans that have a positive impact on your business. These programs benefit employees, while also improving retention, productivity and the bottom line. Internal communications is a powerful tool for companies looking to navigate and succeed with remote and hybrid workforces.

Supply Chain Expertise

They say the best offense is a good defense, and that’s certainly true when it comes to managing your supply chain.

With today’s challenges, supply chain disruptions will happen. With that in mind, it’s critical to plan ahead and take steps now to mitigate issues. As a leader in supply and distribution, with deep connections to OEMs, manufacturers and suppliers, GO2 Partners has the experience and resources to minimize disruptions and downtime due to late or missing supplies, so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers.

For decades, businesses have singularly pursued the most efficient supply chain in pursuit of lower costs. We can all see now that there is a value in having a supply chain that is more resilient. Allow us to show you the path to a more resilient supply chain that optimizes the costs and risks.

Managed Services and the Labor Shortage

It is no secret. Businesses are having a difficult time staffing workers these days.

GO2 Partners offers a range of managed service programs to alleviate this strain. By moving less-important tasks and programs to managed services, you can assign workers and resources to higher-priority tasks. This can reduce the stress on current staff while providing a higher level of service to customers. GO2 Partners can also supplement your business and internal resources with flexible, additional services when and where you need them. You never pay for more than you need.

Lost Business Recovery

During the height of lockdowns and restrictions, many companies lost customers, which resulted in lost business. According to studies, 70% of businesses agree it’s cheaper to retain customers than it is to find new ones, but only 30% make an effort to bring back customers they’ve lost.

Fortunately, GO2 Partners can work with you to launch marketing campaigns specifically targeted toward previous customers. Our experts will update buyer personas, investigate changes to the buyer’s journey and re-examine the buyer’s decision-making process. Together, we can engineer a win-back campaign that recognizes and adjusts to pandemic-driven changes.

Leveraging Your Competitive Advantage

GO2 Partners knows how to adapt to change and find opportunities in times of crisis. We’ll work with you to innovate, evolve and grow your competitive advantage.

In need of a rebrand? Looking to reduce your indirect spend? Struggling to maintain connections with employees and customers? Work with GO2 Partners. As an industry leader, we’re here to help you identify and capitalize on your competitive advantage.

Seizing Opportunity in Difficult Times

With economic challenges still looming, there is risk as well as reward on the horizon. While we don’t know what the future holds, GO2 Partners is working with our customers to ensure it’s positive. Let’s develop and implement the solutions you need.

Have a need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products? We have those, too.

Stay ahead of regulations and back-to-work guidance with PPE products from GO2 Partners. Ordering is easy. We focus on safety and convenience.