Changing employee and customer perspectives through launch kits

Clear, concise and impactful communications create elevated levels of both employee and customer satisfaction — and this is exactly the level of engagement that launch kits deliver. Whether these kits land internally or externally, they help organizations to demonstrate personality and enthusiasm, while serving as an engaging way to deliver important messages.

By strategically selecting the launch kit recipients, as well as the contents contained within them, GO2 is able to deliver the right message in the right place at the right time. Add to this the unique and intriguing element of best-in-class design and flawless operational execution, and you begin to see why launch kits have the power to elevate your communications strategies and truly engage recipients.


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Launch kits provide meaning in a personalbut robust manner — pushing interest and engagement to the next level.

Our Challenge

Too often, organizations are looking for an engaging way to support extensive employee training, boost sales of innovative products or better equip their salesforce to open the right doors. They might also need to reach audiences that have proven difficult to motivate, instill a stronger level of confidence in a somewhat stale product, or simply generate next-level excitement around a new company initiative.

Such endeavors often require a lot more than the typical communication avenues. They need an appealing way to cut through the non-stop clutter of information overload and truly create an impact. When these situations arise, it’s time to think about wowing your employees or customers with a well-positioned and meaningful launch kit.

Our Solution

GO2 understands the power of a strategically developed and flawlessly executed launch kit. This tool serves to create excitement and boost relevance, while also informing, educating and reinforcing an employee or customer’s knowledge about a product or initiative.

So whether you need to capture and keep the attention of a busy salesperson or provide those tough-to-reach customers with an intriguing set of product options, GO2 can deliver a launch kit that emphasizes an initiative’s importance in an interesting and impactful way.


For example, when Comcast set out to create the best customer experience possible in their Xfinity Stores, they first needed an engaging way to support the extensive training the frontline would receive. They also wanted Xfinity Store teams to be excited about the change.

So, GO2 created launch kits for each store that included supplemental training materials, coaching materials and swag. Our kits needed variable amounts of items based on the number of employees in each store, so we designed each box to display the contents but be expandable, and we worked closely with Comcast to ensure every store got exactly what they needed to succeed.


As another, customer-focused example, GO2’s extensive knowledge of the multi-family property manager audience created an opportunity for us to begin boosting sales for Paint SCENTsations, 3M and Dumond Chemicals. We knew that property managers face unique challenges, especially when it comes to quickly turning units.

What if GO2 could showcase products specifically intended for property managers to both drive sales for our partners and drive solutions for this audience? To do this, we developed a carefully curated launch kit. It included samples of the products plus store coupons. By collaborating, these brands all boosted their awareness and ultimately sales among a key target audience.


As a final example of the impact launch kits can make, GO2 worked with 3M to strategically develop a new store welcome kit program. This effort included clearly defining the target audience, carefully selecting a variety of products for the kits, and developing a tracking program by barcoding the kits and including product-specific coupons.

Taking it a step further, GO2 paired 3M and Sherwin-Williams sales reps and tasked them to deliver the kits together. This linked the two companies in the minds of the target audience. Ultimately, the highly targeted, eye-catching launch kits boosted sales among painting professionals for both 3M and Sherwin-Williams.

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