A simple selling tool with a big impact.

GO2 helped Sherwin-Williams achieve greater sales effectiveness by simplifying a complex process and providing a user-friendly tool that allows contractors to deliver more effective solutions and better customer experiences.



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roombyroom brochure cans

Contractors said their binder was a thorough but intimidating resource, so GO2 offered a simplified solution.

Our Challenge

Room-by-Room is an essential selling approach for Sherwin-Williams. Rather than selling the same paint for an entire house, it allows contractors to tailor paint recommendations to each room’s purpose.

While this approach leads to more successful solutions and greater long-term satisfaction, it required contractors to use a cumbersome 75-page binder to explain the best paint options for every room and every need.

Our Solution

GO2 evaluated the binder to determine what worked and what needed improvement. With a goal of providing greater sales effectiveness, we distilled the binder’s contents into a simple vehicle that would be easier to follow and more visually appealing while remaining true to the Room-by-Room strategy.

We designed a trifold brochure that took homeowners through a straightforward three-step process to find the perfect paint.

roombyroom brochure

Step 1

Step 1 provides contractors with lifestyle questions to present to the homeowner, complete with easily relatable lifestyle vignettes.


Step 2

In step 2, a contractor seeks to better understand how their customer will use the space.


Step 3

In step 3, they find the results. Each result included features, benefits, and available finishes.

Our team simplified a complicated process and presented it in a familiar and appealing format for both contractors and homeowners.


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