Supply Chain

Our reliable supply chain management creates
a lower cost of ownership.

Supply Chain


Supply chain experience and expertise allows us to successfully meet your supplier consolidation, inventory management, fulfillment, kitting, distribution, logistics and IT needs.

Supplier Consolidation & Fulfillment

Collecting product, storing inventory, tracking requests, assembling packages and shipping orders can be a complicated set of tasks. Our expertise makes it easy. GO2 Partners' supply chain capabilities include manual or automated services, as well as inventory management. So whether you're sending marketing materials to your regional franchisees, welcome kits to customers nationwide, or supplies and parts to internal/external facilities we have the scalable capacity to meet your complete supply chain needs. With a large number of facilities, offices and partnerships throughout the U.S., we can work within your budget, timeline and procedures to find you the best option for your supply chain needs.

With such a large number of facilities, offices and partnerships with vendors throughout the U.S., we can work with your budget, timeline and procedures to find you the best option for your fulfillment needs.

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Imaging & Mailing

GO2 Partners offers comprehensive imaging and mailing solutions, including postal regulation expertise, innovative versioning techniques and sophisticated list maintenance. We utilize these highly efficient, cost-effective solutions because our team understands that no direct mail project — from marketing collateral to utility statements — is complete until it’s been properly coded, addressed, dropped and delivered.

Our process is unlike any other in the industry because we collaborate with printers across the country to ensure a custom solution at a reduced cost. From the “needs analysis” phase to the “data distribution stage,” our Imaging and Mailing team possesses expertise at every level, including database management, page layout and digital processes. This ensures your goals are achieved at every stage of the process. Our extensive solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Collection letters
  • Marketing promotions
  • Data Solutions
  • Personalized documents and processing
  • Database management

In fact, many companies outsource their “high-integrity” mailings to us. Entrusting us with these vital customer communications speaks volumes to our dedication, experience and success in addressing, sending and delivering mail pieces on time, within budget and to the right locations. Through our internal control processes, known as COPS (Controlled Operations and Performance System), GO2 Partners provides the security needed for our clients to confidently outsource such critical communications.

COPS is a customized software program we’ve implemented at our production facilities. Its purpose is to monitor and closely control the movement of our “high-integrity” imaging and mailing applications. We use the system to monitor jobs from file transfer through data conversion, imaging, inserting, postage assessment and delivery. This sophisticated tool allows our clients to monitor their mission-critical communications online, while also enabling GO2 Partners to easily detect any variance in production standards. With COPS, we are essentially able to identify and remedy any issues, without sacrificing critical delivery deadlines.

IT Solutions

From apps to analytics, our IT team delivers the front- and back-end solutions necessary to ensure successful project implementation. This unique understanding allows us to set up, deploy and integrate a variety of data-driven technologies for our clients, including:

  • Application development
  • Database management
  • Customized software writing
  • Website deployment using ASP.NET and MVC
  • Customized WordPress development
  • Secure hosting services
  • Analytics tracking and reporting

In addition, the GO2 Partners IT team has the ability to develop custom IT solutions for any of our clients. Past experience within this space includes:

  • Data and image management websites
  • Web archival and document retrieval projects
  • Complex website creations
  • E-commerce applications
Complete and thorough integration with existing
software and technologies to create a turnkey
solution incorporating corporate requirements,
strategic suppliers, distribution hubs, freight carriers
and end users. GO2 Partners provides a complete
set of reports and management tools to achieve
a desired state and manage results.

Regardless of your request, our comprehensive list of technologies can meet your unique IT needs:

  • HTML 4 & 5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript, to include jQuery and AJAX, jSON
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • C# and VB.Net