See how you can leverage outsourced, agile marketing resources to grow your business. 

20/20 Marketing

20/20 Marketing is a solution-focused marketing execution program designed for business and equipped to deliver next-level results in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The program allows GO2 Partners to act as your single marketing execution solution. We start as a long-term partner that becomes a trusted and reliable extension of your marketing and internal communications team.

A New Way to Deliver Marketing

GO2 combines traditional marketing services with technology and employee engagement know-how to deliver a powerful and unmatched marketing execution program. Marketing today requires more expertise and more specialists than ever before. 20/20 Marketing gives you an easy button.

GO2’s experience with multi-channel, distributive organizations provides a deep level of insight. This means the heavy lifting is left to an expansive bench of knowledgeable and highly trained professionals. Plus, GO2 can work directly with your agency of record to ensure all marketing and internal communications projects are executed flawlessly and set up to deliver results.

What is 20/20 Marketing?

20/20 Marketing is a long-term partnership with the marketing execution team at GO2. The program delivers the knowledge, resources, technology and specialists you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketing environment.

GO2 essentially becomes a full extension of your marketing and internal communications teams, making it easy to manage brand assets like print, apparel and promotional items. Additional resources like copywriters, graphic designers, proofreaders and technical individuals such as developers are also available as needed.

You never have to worry about hiring new employees or relying on risky or expensive freelance resources. 20/20 Marketing fills in marketing and internal communications gaps and allows you to quickly overcome challenges that can hold your business back.

How can 20/20 Marketing help businesses like mine?

The channels of marketing communications are rapidly changing and expanding. If you don’t fill these streams with your message, the competition will fill them with theirs. This often leads to a situation where a company’s marketing and internal communications needs outpace its in-house capabilities.

Businesses from small to large can take advantage of these 20/20 Marketing benefits:

  • Timely and cost-effective marketing and internal communications solutions
  • Consistent brand control
  • Unmatched resource availability
  • Best-in-class creative
  • Fully integrated, updated technology
  • Results you can track

Marketing execution is designed with the modern business in mind, allowing companies to better achieve their goals and adapt to changing market needs and pressures.

How can 20/20 Marketing complement your in-house capabilities?

Implementing a marketing execution program allows you to extend the work your internal team is doing, which ultimately extends your budget. GO2 delivers a deep, but specific, set of marketing and internal communications resources. Instead of developing these capabilities internally, which could take years and significant investments, or hiring expensive and unreliable freelancers, GO2 works with your team to give you the skills and expertise you need exactly when you need them.

Plus, you never pay for services you don’t need. You’re simply accessing the resources and support required to meet both your internal and external marketing communications goals.

What problems can 20/20 Marketing solve for my business?

GO2’s marketing execution team will be there to assist you in tackling even the toughest challenges. 20/20 Marketing can assist with any of these marketing department uncertainties:

  • Constantly juggling multiple responsibilities with limited resources
  • Unable to hire the specialists you truly need
  • Unsure of how your next executional print, apparel and promotional needs will be met
  • Struggling to complete all your marketing tasks
  • Stressed by an inability to create internal change

It provides you the power and support that few in-house marketing departments can match, with the flexibility and capability to deliver results of a much larger team.

What do I get with 20/20 Marketing?

Here is a list of services that can be part of a marketing execution program. Depending on your needs and capabilities, you may choose to utilize some or all of them:

    • Creative execution
    • Print and distribution
    • Ecommerce
    • Brand promotion
    • Digital marketing
    • Marketing technology
    • Internal communications

Unlike an in-house team, you pay for and use only what you need, and have a deep bench of marketing resources available at a moment's notice.

How can I use 20/20 Marketing?

Unlike other business programs, 20/20 Marketing is not a set package of services. It’s designed as a partnership, built around the delivery of marketing communications via an omnichannel environment.

Once a marketing execution program is in place, there are generally two ways to manage it: an account manager can provide ongoing support for execution and distribution, or you can manage the ordering and distribution yourself via an online platform.

How do I get started with 20/20 Marketing?

If you’re still wondering whether a marketing execution program is right for you, ask yourself:

  • Do I want to save time?
  • Do I want to save money?
  • Do I want real, meaningful results from my marketing and internal communications?

If the answer is yes, contact GO2. 20/20 Marketing can turn your marketing and internal communications vision into a reality.

Making the Most of Your Marketing Investment

Regardless of your marketing challenges, GO2 has a solution. 20/20 Marketing is here to help you reach your future marketing goals, while maximizing the way you connect with customers and prospects today.


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